Baby Club


If you have a baby using nappies (up to 11 months) you can now become a Pampers Baby Club member*.  Joining is free, and once you do you'll be entitled to a whole range of fantastic benefits, including:

  • Information about your child's development, Pampers and other great Procter & Gamble products.
  • Discount vouchers that you may redeem against your next Pampers purchase.

These will be sent when your baby is 1 month, 5 months, 7 months and 11 months. All you have to do to become a member is to fill in our Subscription Form. You may register more than one child by filling a subscription form for each child.  This is valid only for residents living in Malta & Gozo. After registering on this site you may also want to subscribe to the official Pampers UK website where you will receive regular e-mails about pregnancy, parenting and babies as they grow and grow and grow... The Pampers Team * Membership is open for residents of Malta and Gozo. If you are residing elsewhere we suggest that you visit the Pampers global site at and select your country of residence.


Fill in the form and register today: