Who are we?

Our mission is to provide branded goods of superior quality and value that meet everyday needs. Our values are Integrity, Fairness, and Respect for Individuals.

Our Capabilities: We aim to continually update our understanding of our customers and the Maltese consumers. This customer-driven approach has allowed us to successfully establish a strong presence in the market in order to make the brands we represent leaders in their categories.

  • We are passionate about quality. Quality in the products we sell, quality in our customer service levels, and quality in the way the business is managed and administered.
  • V.J. Salomone Marketing has invested in building its management competencies in all key areas of the business.
  • From marketing, sales, finance, to supply chain management, the team at V.J. Salomone Marketing can harness the skills and experience of all its individuals across all these functions.
  • V.J. Salomone Marketing continues to invest in its I.T. and business support capabilities guaranteeing best practice in these key areas of the operation.