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Product description Style name: SOLO 2 GEN Description Description 1Control SOLO 2nd Gen is an electronic device that allows the operation of a radio-controlled automation, such as a gate or garage, using a smartphone. 1Control SOLO 2nd Gen is abl...Read More

Product description

Style name: SOLO 2 GEN


1Control SOLO 2nd Gen is an electronic device that allows the operation of a radio-controlled automation, such as a gate or garage, using a smartphone. 1Control SOLO 2nd Gen is able to copy the radio control of an automation and therefore to control it acting as the original radio control.


  • 1Control SOLO 2nd Gen can control 4 radio-controlled automations and can be used by 10 people / smartphones, or additional users can be purchased from the app.
  • It is able to copy all fixed-coded radio controls and the majority of rolling-code radio controls, in the frequency bands from 433.0 MHz to 868.0 MHz, using the AM and FM modulations. The old low frequency radio controls, called quartz, are not compatible.
  • The complete list of compatible radio controls is available on the 1Control website.
  • 1Control SOLO 2nd Gen communicates with the smartphone using the Bluetooth LE 4 protocol. It is therefore not necessary to have an Internet connection to open the gate and garage.

Package contents

The device 1Control SOLO with batteries already inserted and closed in a transparent bag; User Guide; Welcome card with information for the first activation; Box with accessories: 2 screws and dowels for wall fixing; 1 Screw and bolt for blocking the support; 2 Clamps for pole fixing

Product description

1Control MINI only

1Control Only 2nd GEN

The 1Control Solo 2 GEN is a battery-powered Bluetooth 4.0 LE gate opener that transforms your Android smartphone , iPhone or Apple Watch into a remote control. With version 1Control SOLO you can open and close at a distance of up to 4 automations radio controlled ( gate , gate or overhead garage). It works without any Internet signal or data connection so it can be installed, in a few minutes, both outdoors and on the underground garage floor .

1Control MINI only

What is 1Control Solo 2 GEN and how it works

The 1Control Solo 2 GEN is a gate opener device that transforms the Android smartphone , iPhone or Apple Watch into a remote control for roller shutters, overhead doors and automated gates in garages, garages, villas and homes.

It receives the opening and closing signal from the smartphone via the Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection and forwards it to the gate via radio-frequency. Without requiring an Internet signal or data connection, the 1Control Solo 2 GEN can also be placed in underground garages. Installation is simple, wireless and does not require the intervention of specialized personnel.

The pairing between the 1Control Solo 2 GEN device and the smartphone is made using an 8-digit PIN , decided by the administrator user at the time of the initial installation. The gate opening / closing frequency is learned by moving the 1Control Solo 2 GEN closer to the automation remote control and pressing the relative button.

1Control Only 2nd GEN

For 10 users and 4 automations

After installing the free 1Control app in the smartphone ( the previous 1 Control Solo app – Gate opener does not work with the 2nd generation model ) and pairing the 1Control SOLO 2nd GEN with the phone, it is possible to associate this with up to 4 automations, as overhead doors , external gates, shutters and any opening controlled by radio frequency. You can also share the opening of the gate with 3 other users (for a total of 4), provided that the latter also install the 1Control app on their smartphone and have the necessary permissions.

The maximum distance allowed between 1Control Solo 2 GEN and the smartphone is that set by Bluetooth 4.0 technology ( from 10 to 20 meters depending on the obstacles between the two devices).

Access control

The 1Control Solo 2 GEN allows an administrator user with an 8-digit security PIN to share access to a stored automation.

Compatible with over 500 remote control models, easy to install and weatherproof

1Control SOLO PRO

1Control SOLO PRO

1Control Only 2nd GEN

Maximum compatibility with smartphones and remote controls

The compatibility of the 1Control Solo 2 GEN is guaranteed, as well as with the Apple Watch, also with the Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, Xr and Xs , with iOS 8 system or higher and with Android smartphones with operating system version 4.3 or higher. The phone must also support the Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) standard.

As far as radio controls are concerned, the Italian company 1Control currently ensures compatibility with over 500 types of remote control, including rolling codes (ie rotating codes) in the frequency bands between 433 MHz and 868 MHz. frequency, called quartz, are not compatible.

The communication between Solo 2 GEN and the smartphone is protected by latest generation security algorithms based on public keys and end-to-end symmetric encryption with ephemeral keys.

How and where to install the 1Control Solo 2 GEN. Even in the car

The maximum distance between Solo 2 GEN and an automation to be controlled varies according to the type of radio control used. Typically it is between 20 and 40 meters .

The maximum distance between Solo 2 GEN and the smartphone varies according to the smartphone model used and is typically about 15-20 meters .

Alternatively, if you do not need to share the opening with another user, the 1Control Solo 2 GEN can be kept in the car, for example in the glove compartment or in the trunk.

Operating conditions and power supply

The 1Control Solo 2 GEN is IP66 certified . It resists atmospheric agents, does not fear rain, snow and exposure to sunlight. It is powered by two 1.5 V type C alkaline batteries (the device is already on).

Batteries can be replaced when discharged. Battery life varies according to the number of drives (openings or closings) that are carried out (images above).

1Control Solo 2 GEN is compatible with the iPhone, Android smartphone and Apple Watch

1Control MINI only

1Control MINI ONLY

1Control MINI only

1Control app

The 1Control app is free and can be downloaded from the iPhone and Android stores.

It is compatible with the following systems:

Smartphone iPhone 4S or higher with iOS 9 or higher

Android smartphone with 4.3 or higher system and Bluetooth LE 4.0

The 1Control app can manage and control multiple 1Control devices simultaneously.

You can share and revoke access with other users by setting time restrictions (days, hours) directly from the app.


To share or receive access, you must have an active Internet connection on your smartphone. To share an access you need to register by following the wizard on the app.

Registration requires the entry of a valid telephone number which is verified by sending a confirmation SMS . A registered telephone number therefore corresponds to a telephone number.

If you register a phone using the number of another already registered phone, the phone is invalidated. Only one registration per phone number is allowed by the system.

If you uninstall and reinstall the app, you need to register your phone number again. Registration requires entering a name that will be visible to other registered users.

Access sharing

Device administrators can share access stored on Solo 2 GEN through the app. All users who wish to receive a share must register via the app by entering their phone number. NB: It is not possible to use the same phone number to register from different smartphones.

The administrator can share a login with a user by indicating their phone number. You can set time constraints (start and end date, days of the week, hours of the day) to shares. To share an access, it is not necessary to be near the device. The operation can also be carried out remotely.