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The EASY flashlights are extremely lightweight and yet deliver a high beam range. Especially when traveling, every gram counts in your backpack or hand luggage. There is hardly any room left in the rucksack and the hand luggage has almost reached its maximum weight – the EASY-5 still fits into it. The flyweight in mini format is ideal for travellers who do not want to be in the dark.


1x Duracell Torch and 6 AA batteries

From the manufacturer

Flashlight, Light, Torch, Outdoor, Dark, Explore


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The perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor use. The Duracell LNT-200 LED torch is part of the LANTERN torch range within our EXPLORER™ series of torches. The lightweight polycarbonate body is resilient and helps keep weight to a minimum when carrying. Whether it’s camping, hiking or any other outdoor experience, the LNT-200 offers the perfect light source.


The luminous intensity describes the total amount of light emitted and is measured in lumens. Duracell Torches come in a variety of light intensities and lighting styles, giving you the the choice and flexibility to exactly fit your needs. With visibility being our main focus our LNT-200 Torch comes with a 60 Lumen Output.

Beam Distance

All Duracell Torches are designed to give exceptional brightness paired with long beam distance. Walking the dog or going on a camping trip, Duracell torches will illuminate the way. The LNT-200 emits 35m Beam Distance.


Duracell Torches have exceptional battery life, and are designed not to fail on you when you need them most. Paired with market leading Duracell batteries our range of torches will last as long as you need. The LNT-200 will run up to 10 hours with 6 x AA batteries.

Product Features

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Duracell Battery

Duracell Torches come with our exceptional, market leading, replaceable Duracell Battery cells; providing long lasting power that you can trust.

Shock Resistant

When purchasing a Duracell Torch we assure you with a 1 Metre drop distance.

Water Resistant

Duracell torches are IP44 rated, which means they are protected against water sprays. It also means protection against contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure by tools, wires, or such objects of thickness greater than 1mm.


Duracell torches come with High Intensity LED incorporated that provide exceptional life, brightness and colour. The LNT-200 has a High Intensity LED Bulb integrated.

LUMEN 60 lm 50 lm 60 lm
BULB 1x LED 0.5W 1x LED 0.5W 1x LED 0.5W
DISTANCE 35m 20m 25m
RUNTIME 10h 1h 11h
BODY Plastic Plastic Plastic
BATTERIES 6x AA incl. 2x AAA incl 3x AAA incl
SIZE L19.0cmØ4.6cm L13.6cmØ2.5cm L12.7cmØ3.7cm

Duracell Flashlight Range

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore

Flashlight, Torch, Dark, Explore


With our extensive and varied range of torches, we’re sure to have the right torch for your needs. From hard-wearing TOUGH torches to light-weight VOYAGER torches; our torches can handle any situation.

Work Lights

Our range of Duracell Work Lights are perfect for sticky situations when the torch needs to do the work. From magnetic to headlamps we have the perfect work lights for you.


Looking for a faultless camping trip? Duracell Lanterns provide the perfect light source. From a floating lantern to a standing lantern Duracell covers any outdoor experience.

Bike Lights

Duracell Bike Lights are safety at its peak. Light up your path and ensure safety with our unbeatable Bike Lights.